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To view and download Edge-to-Edge Pattern Catalog, click here:

Machine Quilting Services Price List:

Pantograph (Edge to Edge) $.025 per sq inch

You can calculate the cost of quilting by multiplying the length of the quilt by the width.  Here are some examples of various sizes:

Crib – 36” x 50”: 1800 sq in
Lap – 52” x 78”: 4056 sq in
Twin – 64 x 86”: 4644 sq in
Full – 70” x 88”: 6160 sq in
Queen – 88” x 94”: 8272 sq in
King – 94” x 94”: 8836 sq in

Then multiply the square inches by price. This is the cost of the basic quilting services.

Additional Services:

Borders:  $30 each

Piece backing:  $10

Binding Services:  (per linear inch)

Customer makes binding:

$.10 Attach binding by machine to front side of quilt
$.30 Attach binding by machine to front side of quilt and hand finish with mitered corners

Customer provides fabric, Upstairs Quilting makes binding:

$.10 Make binding only
$.20 Make binding, attach by machine to front side of quilt
$.40 Make binding, attach by machine to front side of quilt and hand finish with mitered corners


I carry Quilters Dream, Hobbs or Warm and Natural.  You can also bring your own.


I do not charge for thread.  I mostly use Signature or Superior thread.

Backing Fabric:

Customers can provide backing or choose a Sew Batik fabric.  If you are providing the backing, please review guidelines for preparing quilt and backing (See “Preparing Your Quilt” below); to ensure that your quilt will lie flat and quilt evenly.  To preview SewBatik fabrics, go to


Note:  You do not need to purchase the Sew Batik fabric separately if you are also using Upstairs Quilting services.  We either have it in stock or will order it.

Preparing Your Quilt:

Thoroughly press your quilt top and backing.  Your quilt seams should lie flat and be pressed to one side when possible.  This ensures even quilting.

Make sure that your backing and batting are at least 10” wider and 10″ longer than your quilt top.  Check that the backing is squared.  There is an additional charge of $10 to square up the backing.

Your quilt top should be square and lie flat.  If your borders are wavy, I may or may not be able to complete your quilt.  If you want directions on how to avoid wavy borders, contact me and I’ll be glad to provide you with several resources.

Clip all loose threads on both sides of quilt top.  Loose threads could show thru the finished quilt.  If your top or backing is directional, place a safety pin near the top edge.

Do not baste, pin or tack your quilt together. Just fold each piece.

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