Upstairs Quilting
Arlington, VA 22205
Northern Virginia

Upstairs Quilting is located in Arlington, Virginia, owned and operated by Denise O’Rear.

I have been sewing my entire life, but started quilting once my children were grown.  One quilt and I was hooked.

After trying out various longarm machines at quilt shows, I decided to retire early and start a longarm business.   Since I’m a computer programmer, I was immediately drawn to the capabilities of the Statler Stitcher.  The name Upstairs Quilting seemed logical since every time someone asked where I was, the answer was:


Although, if you ask my dealer who installed my machine, he will tell you its “Thru the Window”, since they had to take the table apart and bring it thru a window.

Upstairs Quilting has taken over the entire upstairs area of my home.  If I’m not here quilting, I’m either with my family or out on our boat.

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